Monday, June 4, 2012

6 Important Resources for Learning Google Apps

Introductory overview video for Google Docs:
This video is great for those who have never heard or understand the concept of an online, collaborative document.

Short training videos:
This is an index page of a bucketload of videos. You can access them by the specific app if you look for Learn by App towards the bottom of the navigation column.

Training videos AND documentation:
This page includes documentation AND the training videos.

Google apps certification resources:
Interested in getting REALLY GOOD at Google Apps so you can be certified? Here ia a beautiful set of lengthy modules designed for people who consider themselves certifiable. It might be helpful for those who have no background in Google Apps to run through a few of these. They are lengthy, but beneficial if you are targeting an app or only one specific part of an app. The chapters nicely break them down.

General support documents for Google:
This is a multi-layered collection of documentation for using Google Apps. You can begin by selecting the apps in the left column and then narrow it down the specific activities in the application you want to use.

Online support for Google Apps:
This includes everything (Blogger, Wallet, etc.) from Google. It's all there, just click on "Show All Products" and you will see icons for every product. The support is supplied through a Help Center, Forum Community of other users, or options for contacting support personnel at Google. "

Dr. Z - the author of the blog where these resources were posted, says,

"I have been an educator all my life. Have had the privilege of teaching all grade levels from 1st thru 12th grade in public, private and prison schools. I am enthralled with the opportunities technology can bring to learning. Interactive venues like Web 2.0 can provide unlimited opportunities for student-centered learning. Engaging learners in project-based activities provide a personal relevance that is often not experienced. I hope to use this blog to share unique tech-based opportunities that can enhance learning."